How long do Mudgee Wine Tours go for and how many wineries do you visit?

Depending on what Mudgee Wine Tour you pick. Full day tours go from 10am to 4:30pm you will see 6-7 wineries. Half day tours go from 10am to 1pm or 1:30pm to 4:30pm and you see 3-4 wineries.

Can i pick which Mudgee Wineries to see?

Yes! We have a list on the website of our best picks for best service and no tasting fee. You can also let us know if you would like to exclude wineries you’ve already seen. Please be aware as we try our best to accommodate your requests it’s not always possible.

How many people in a bus?

We use mini buses so they are more intimate and personal, our buses have 11 seats, we also have an 8 seater bus.

Do you do Mudgee Wine Tours every day, and how many people are needed?

Mudgee Wine Tours run every day, excluding Christmas day and New years day. There is no minimum number of people needed for the tour to go ahead.

Will you pick us up from our Mudgee Accommodation?

We pick up and drop off from your accommodation in Mudgee, if you are in town or up to 7kms out.

Will there only be wine to try?

There will mostly be wine, but we can include olive tasting, honey tasting and liqueur tastings too.

Where do you stop for lunch on a full day Mudgee Wine Tour?

Lunch options vary depending on the day, some choices are cheese and antipasto platters, pizza or menu options.

Can you cater for large groups?

Yes we can! We can put 2 or more buses together to cater for big groups or parties.

Do you do private tours?

Yes, if you would like to plan the day around you, or have an special occasion you want to keep private you can book out the whole bus/es.

Can we drink alcohol on the bus?

No! It is against the law. Luckily you don’t spend much time in the bus as all the Mudgee wineries are so close. We supply water and chips for you.