About Us

Mudgee Explorer Tours started operating in June 2016, with one explorer and one minibus.
Since then, we’ve shot to number one on TripAdvisor, for tours in Mudgee.
Now with FIVE explorers, THREE minibuses and ONE helicopter, we’re having more fun than ever.

Meet Your Explorers


Alex Huish

Alex’s family have been in Mudgee since the 1800’s.
She’s in love with this town too, and calls it home.
She’s worked in some of the wineries in the past, as well as a local pub.
She loves all the winery folks as well as the wine cats and dogs.
She has been known to spontaneously hug unsuspecting strangers!



Samantha Lane

Sam made her tree-change to Mudgee a few years ago and is loving the country life.
She’s a down to earth lass who’s real easy to talk to!
Cruise around with Sam for the day while she shows you the best of Mudgee Wineries.
She’ll pump up the vibe in the bus and has been known to belt out a little tune!



Bec Walker

Bec is a real peopley kind of person.
The kind of gal you would love to hang out with for the day.
She’s excited by all the things to see and do in Mudgee and loves showing you around our wineries.
She’ll introduce you to all the winery folks and keep you chatting while you sip the day away.
She has been known to spark a spontaneous Jenga game in the middle of a wine tour.



Glenn Hurrell
Explorer in the Sky

Glenn loves getting out and exploring the Mudgee skies.
He’s a real fair dinkum Aussie bloke who likes to go fishing with his mates.
He’ll make sure you and your special someone get treated like VIPs in the Mudgee Wineries.
He’s real safe, too! In fact, he has landed exactly the same amount of times he’s taken off.
Now that’s what I call consistency!
He has been known to abandon the Bathurst races in favour of a flight.



Bronny Parry
Chief Exploring Officer

Bronny is the voice on the phone when you call.
She’s fastidious about making sure your buses are spotlessly clean, the wineries are expecting you, and your tour guides are happy.
Inspired by a hiking trip in Peru, she designed these tours with fun and freedom in mind.
She pops up on tours from time to time, just for fun.
She has been known to sing along badly, to any tunes in the bus!



It’s easy to book:
Step 1: Choose Your Tour
Step 2: Call Bronny to book it in
Step 3: Explore and enjoy.